will be shutting down February 1st, 2016. Please back up any documents before then. Did you ever need a quick and easy place to keep a note or two? To be sure, there are dozens of options: Windows NotePad, TextEdit for Macintosh, TextWrangler for Macintosh, and all sorts of apps for Android and Apple iPhone and iPad mobile devices. However, most of them do not easily allow you to share notes between your different devices (such as a Windows laptop and an iPad) or to easily share notes with others. Here is a simple solution: is about as simple as it gets. Go to and a blank text editor appears. Type in whatever you need to record. Perhaps you want to copy-and-paste something from this newsletter or from any other web site. Another option is to enter your grocery list. The text is saved online, and the URL is shown at the bottom of the screen. You can then go to another computer, such as your iPad, go to the same URL, and you will see the text you entered. The basic operation of is "falling off a log" simple. However, there are options: 1. By default, saving text in makes it available in plain text to anyone who stumbles across it on the World Wide Web. I don't care if someone sees my grocery list, but I might want to keep some other notes private. That's simple to do: click on ADD PASSWORD at the bottom of the screen, and enter whatever password you care to use. Your note is now private; it can only be seen by someone who knows the password. 2. Want to share the note with someone else? For instance, suppose you copied-and-pasted something from a web page and now want to send it to your friend or relative. Click on SHARE THIS at the bottom of the screen, and a pop-up will appear, showing you the URL of this note. Copy-and-paste that URL by going to the EDIT pull-down command in your web browser and selecting COPY. This places the URL into your Windows or Macintosh Clipboard. Latter on, you can paste the information into an email message or most anyplace else by going to the EDIT pull-down command in your web browser and then selecting PASTE. (A faster way in Windows is to select Control-C to copy, Control-V to paste. Macintosh users can do the same with Command-C and Command-V.) I use that to send the URL to my own email address or occasionally to share a note with the editor of this newsletter. 3. You might not care for the default URL, such as You can change that to anything else that begins with if your choice has not already been used by someone else. For instance, you could save it as (no spaces allowed). Simple. Oh yes, is also available free of charge. The site has no advertising. You can even read the note that I created when writing this article. Go to You will notice that you can read my note, but you cannot change it or delete it. You can create your own note(s) at