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I'm trying to make a test in the style of which is to say that the applicant must solve a small puzzle in order to reach the address to which to send their resume. My hope is that I can make a test which will not only help the small company sort through the giant piles of FAILplicants but which will reach a very large market- hopefully by being featured on slashdot or boingboing or reddit front page! First, I have to design the test. The test should test the applicant for understanding of: - firebug or equivalent - c# - binary file formats - DICOM - fairly involved graphics tasks (extra points for) (test by making them make one?) - Embed information in the metadata of the file, and possibly in the image as well. Manage to do it in a way that it screws with a couple of common viewers, which is actually a very relevant problem. The tooling that this would ideally get them to use would be dcmtk, clearcanvas, or - On submission, the resume submission form burns a key into the puzzle data, encrypts their resume with the key using a standard algorithm, such as 3DES, sends us their encrypted resume, sends them their encrypted resume and the puzzle data. If they email us the key, then we can read their resume. - basic geometric reasoning and matrix algebra. spatial transforms like scale, rotate, and translate more then abstract matrix problems. see And of course the goal is to make the application process short and easy enough that there are still some applicants who don't lose patience before finishing it! Time goal: btw 30min-2hr (depending on applicant's skill level and previous knowledge) By the way, if you think you'd be a good fit for this job... keep an eye on this posting, because in about a month if all goes well you'll get first crack at applying for it. It's in Chicago. What others have done: