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[FROYO PAGE] (If there is anything missing in here, please email [email protected] with said information. please include your nick from the IRC Channel) PM Decad3nce on xda or twitter for changes/fux ups on this page ----CYANOGENMOD SIX HEROC---- Official XDA ROM Thread: ROM + Google Shits can be downloaded at this torrent: FROYO TORRENT META FILE: You can use to directly download the torrent through a virtual machine. ------------------------------------------------------------------------MODS------------------------------------------------------------------------- MMS Fix: DarkTremor 2.7.5 Apps2SD*:Outdated (7/9) This is the old method of a2sd and not native. You need to partition your sd card first before flashing this. It should automatically move all your apps to sd If it doesn't, go to shell and type: a2sd install If you want to remove DarkTremor 2.7.5 from your phone just go to shell and type: a2sd remove ---------------------------------------------------------OTHER SHITS------------------------------------------------------------------- APPS k0wtips(modified Protips.apk by Decad3nce): (6/28) You need to rm Protips.apk from system/app. Then push k0wtips.apk to system/app *EXPIRIMENTAL SprintVVM:--------------F--A--I--L--E--D---!--!--!-------------ALPHA 2 Flash then change Settings>Call Settings>Voicemail Settings> # to your 10-digit number ------------------------------------------------------DETAILS--------------------------------------------------------------------------- *TO CALIBRATE BATTERY* Battery recalibration : 1 If you're experiencing higher than normal battery drain, try the following: Charge the phone to full battery; let it keep charging until the battery says it is fully charged. Do not wait until the light is green, it isn't always fully charged, causing a lot of inaccuracies. (You can check by going to: Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> Battery Level = Full.) 2 Boot to recovery mode and wipe battery stats in recovery 3 Immediately reboot, and once you have access to the launcher, unplug the phone. 4 Do not charge the phone until after draining the battery completely, resulting in it automatically shutting off. 5 Recharge and use your phone as normal. (FROM: *How to enable JIT* CM Settings > Performance> Enable JIT