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Tentative List of SXSW Panels by Black People in Technology ============================================= I N S T R U C T I O N S Step 1: Go to Step 2: If you don't have an account, create one -- it takes about 2 minutes. Step 3: Log into the PanelPicker. Step 4: Vote and comment on the panels you like! Please comment -- don't just vote. Comments are very important and show SXSW that people are interested in these topics! ============================================= Here's a list of the panels proposed by Black people in technology. This list is in no particular order, and will be updated as I receive PanelPicker links. ============================================= U P D A T E Panels with an asterisk (*) have been selected for inclusion for SXSW 2011. Find out more information here: ============================================= (*) "What Comic Books Can Teach Mobile Application Designers" from Anjuan Simmons, Adverlyze (*) "Augmented Reality for Marketers: Future of Consumer Interactions" from Lynne Johnson, Advertising Research Foundation (*) "Death of the Relational Database" from Hank Williams, Kloudshare (*) "People Power: Leveraging Personal Stories to Build Influence" from Samhita Mukhopadhyay, (*) "The Elevation of Black Women in New Media" from Deanna Sutton, Sutton New Media LLC (*) "Tech Power to the People! Digital Community Engagement" from Latoya Peterson, (*) "Social Media and the NBA: Where It's @" from Tariq Ahmad, Smarter Brothers LLC (*) "What The Government Can Learn From Amazon" from Adria Richards, (*) "100% Viable, 1% Visible - Minority New Media Entrepreneurs" from Kiratiana Freelon, Kiratiana Travels (*) "Design Blogs vs Mags, Who's Launching Careers?" from Tina Shoulders, Laidback (*) "Open Wide: New Models for Public Media" from Jacquie Jones, National Black Programming Consortium (*) "How to Ensure a Diverse Tech Event" from Erica Mauter, "Blogging & Social Media for Niche Audiences" from J. Smith, jbrotherlove "Exploring Lack of Diversity In the Technology Industry" from Wayne Sutton, "Die Laughing So Your Brand Can Live" from Luvvie Ajayi, Awesomely Luvvie "Cybercrusading for Women : Rings We Will Not Kiss" from Gina McCauley, Blogging While Brown "Hater Blocking 101: Your Blog, Your Rules" from Panama Jackson, Very Smart Brothas "In Living Color: Branding & Marketing to Urban Audiences" from Marco Hansell, TwtMob "You're Not Obama: Effectively Using Tech for Campaigns" from Maurice Cherry, 3eighteen media "Ten Sexy Skills for Project Success" from Denise Jacobs, PapillonEffect Consulting "The Cost, Commitment, & Satisfaction of Starting a Blog" from Jayson Flint, PinTECH Systems "Where Are The Black Men Techs?" from Jay F. Hicks, Raffinité Interactive Web "From Mules to Social Butterflies: Black & Female Online" from Thembisa Mshaka, SEEIT Live, Inc. "Whiteness on the Web: Racism or Culture?" from Joel Dreyfuss, The Root "Who’s Got Next? Diversity In Educational Gaming" from Kevin Clark, George Mason University "Buy Africa: How Media and Design Shapes Africa" from G. Kofi Annan, Annansi "The Hip-Hop Word Count: A Searchable Rap Almanac" from Tahir Hemphill, THm "What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Engagement" from Faith Dow, Acts Of Faith Media Group "OMG! Ur Prof is Tweeting Science" from Danielle Lee, University Of Missouri - St. Louis "Race, Sex and Blogging: Limits and Possibilities" from Renina Jarmon, New Model Minority "Social Media: The Pink Collar Ghetto of Tech?" from Keidra Chaney, The Learned Fangirl "Lifecycles Tech & Society: Is 14yr Olds too Old?" from Shireen Mitchell, Women Wired In/Digital Sisters Inc. =============================================